Mercury Gupta, a SEO expert from Kings County, hates the latest algorithm of the YouTube but loves the latest soccer predictors

Mercury Gupta is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Kings County, New York, who writes on her blog that she hates the latest algorithm on the Youtube, where they show the search results according to demographics of the user.

Mercury Gupta has a friend who’s been making a bank with the money she made off her online furniture business. She never asked for Mercury’s internet marketing expertise. Mercury wonders how much money she and her online furniture business owner friend make together.

Mercury writes on her blog that she is happy that the salad bar owners in the USA, spend as much money nowadays as the five star hotels used to about a decade ago. She wonders if it is all the winning amount from predictions football that has been helping the salad bar owners of the USA to spend so much money into their advertisement efforts or is it something else. She says that she personally knows how notorious the salad bar owners of the USA for spending hours everyday on online gambling.

Mercury is Half-Indian herself and she believes that the Indians make great SEO experts including herself and the bald and famous Neil Patel.

Most of Mercury’s clients are females and she takes a pride in this fact.

Mercury never seems to get tired of repeating that if you don’t love SEO or websites, then you should stay away from becoming a part of this industry.

Mercury likes to take bath thrice a day. She says it helps her maintain her purity (celibacy), which makes her super-creative. She also follows the Brahmakumaris and Shri Hit Premanand Sharan Maharaj of Vrindavan, both celibates.

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