Website Designer from Dorset founded a Peanut Butter Company with the ‘Risk Free Betting’ Money

Julie Anne Taylor is a Website Designer and SEO expert from Dorset, England, who writes on her blog that if you don’t trust your SEO agency blindly, going with Pay-Per-Click is the best SEO strategy for you.

Julie Anne Taylor also writes that it is a myth that the more related your website is for a search query, the higher it ranks. She adds that it may be true for some low-searched long tail keywords, but not so for high searched keywords that are usually small in text.
Julie Anne claims that Google has many flaws when it comes to ranking the subpages. She adds that the Google should learn from the Bing and Yahoo! in this regard. She believes that Yahoo! and Bing rank the subpages perfectly.

Julie Anne claims that the search engines didn’t keep their ranking methods a secret till the financial year 2008, but it all changed after that.

Julie Anne writes that creating a separate sitemap serves no purpose in ranking the website, its only use now is to make it simple for your website visitors to navigate your website.

Julie Anne believes that creating custom themes is highly overrated for the SEO of a website. She believes that the only website(s) that your own shouldn’t look identical to are the ones belonging to your competition or the others in your own niche, otherwise it is useless to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on getting a custom theme created for your website.

Julie Anne Taylor recently founded a peanut butter company with the money she won with risk free betting and the company has already started making a profit. Julie has started to believe the Indonesian belief that gambling brings in good luck.

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