Book Authors ought to focus more on the Lotto SOD 168 Wins and less on Writing Books if they want to live a Financially and Psychologically Healthy Life

Dr Karen Contreras from Brisbane, Australia, is a Psychologist, who writes on her blog that the twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, all have lesser chances of getting psychological illness ever in their lives but they are more prone to getting neurological illnesses.

Dr Karen also practiced in Canada and India in the past. She writes on her blog that the Sikhs in Punjab Province of India are 500% less likely to get any psychological illness in their lives compared to the Canadian Sikhs although they have a huge drug problem in Punjab Province of India. She doubts that it has to do with the stressful lives of Canada.

Dr Karen writes that is a false notion that the children born to older parents, especially men are more prone to getting psychological illnesses later in their lives. She claims that most children born to older men, i.e. as older as 65 are as healthy as the children born to men in their 20s.

Dr Karen claims on her blog that the movie or television script writers are 1200% less likely to fall into depression than the book writers. She recommends her book writer patients to try their luck with LottoSOD168 because most of their psychological illnesses have their roots in financial difficulties.

Dr Karen writes on her blog that those who advocate drinking alcohol to take care of the chronic depression have no ideas how much it ruins the conditions of the people suffering with other psychological disorders.

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