Regained Catholic Faith, Stopped Drinking and Serving Alcohol And Instead Started Betting Online Each Day

Srisuda Nakhonratchasima from Tangerang City, Indonesia, owns and runs a Multicuisine Restaurant in Tangerang City itself.

Srisuda is very outspoken on her blog about her restaurant and the restaurant business in Indonesia in general.

Srisuda’s restaurant is located near to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and she says that it has helped the restaurant more than anything else when it comes to the footfall.

Srisuda’s restaurant stopped serving non-alcoholic beverages 7 months ago since she regained her Catholic faith but still she spends one hour of her each day betting with Sbobet88 as she believes that betting is not against her Catholic faith.

Srisuda brags that all of the dishes served at her restaurant have been getting better with time as the chefs working at her restaurant only keep getting better at what they do.

Srisuda wishes if her restaurant were located by the sea. It would have been more fun for her to sit there and manage it and also the business would have been better.

Srisuda believes in keeping younger employees. She claims that it is not because they look better but because she believes that they have more potential for growth and she says that they haven’t disappointed her in this regard ever.

Srisuda claims that the Kosher/Halal food is more in demand than ever before in Indonesia today and it is all because of the Indonesian people regaining their faith and the International customers learning about the health and spiritual benefits of eating Kosher.

Srisuda writes that the British dishes are least popular at her restaurant and rightfully so, as they don’t have much to offer.

Srisuda offers free food to each customer on a random undisclosed day and it has been going like this for the past 3 years and they love Srisuda and her restaurant for this.

Srisuda writes that it is a pity that the Indian restaurants are more popular than the Indonesian restaurants for the first time in Indonesia. She adds that looking at this patter, she has been focusing on serving as many spicy dishes as possible at her restaurant because she believes that the spicy dishes are the reason why they fall for the Indian dishes.

It is another pity that Srisuda’s restaurant had to stop delivering food at home 2 months ago due to a bunch of prank callers taking advantage of it. Srisuda says that they have tens of thousands of phone numbers and they tell a different name and address each time and she adds that they are also experts at changing voice.

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