Successful Chiropractor Loves Humor And Sells Jokes Written By Himself On Freelance Malaysian Websites

Dr Irfan Wong is a Chiropractor from George Town, Malaysia, who recommends nothing but latest Volvo cars to his rich patients. Dr Irfan is proud of the fact that the seats of these new Volvos were designed by the best of the Chiropractors around the world. Dr Irfan says that he doesn’t feel pity that he wasn’t one of those but he is happy that the ones who designed it, did a better job than he himself could.

Dr Irfan Wong also does stand up comedy part-time and he also sells freshly written jokes by him on a freelance Malaysia website and uses the same money to hire Russian escorts in Mumbai whenever he travels to India.

Dr Irfan recently posted his selfies with Dr Phil McGraw and he says that he was really honored to treat him when he was in George Town, Malaysia and met a spinal injury.

Dr Irfan Wong also owns a bathroom tile business and a successful one.

Dr Irfan recently wrote on his blog that he has been thinking about shiftng to move to Stanford, Connecticut because of the WWE headquarters there. Dr Irfan believes that the professional wrestlers could give him millions of dollars of business per year.

Dr Irfan claims to have been studying the infamous Dale Decker case from England from the past few years now. Dr Irfan really believes that he can find the cure for such people and also the exact cause that made it happen.

Dr Irfan claims on his blog that coffee and alcohol drinkers are 400% more likely to visit a Chiropractor than the ones who don’t drink coffee or alchohol.

Dr Irfan claims that the men who suffer with Male Pattern Baldness early on, that is, in their 20s or early 30s, have a much higher rate of bone diseases than the ones who never experience the same or experience it late.

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